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Pro Tip Tuesday : Prevent Cracked Matte Lips

Back at it again with another Pro Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about the dreaded dry cracked matte lip and some tips on how to keep those lips sleek and on fleek year round. Seems like despite the brand and numerous Youtube views, your liquid lips are still looking cracked or textured as a result of applying too many coats. Here are a few great tips that will help create a smoother longer lasting look.

Avoiding Summer Meltdowns: Guide to Protecting Your Skin and Makeup

Summertime is MORE THAN officially upon us. Whether you've lived in Arizona your entire life or are just visiting, we all know how real the struggle is. Lets face it, they don't call it the "Valley of the Sun" for no reason. Average highs over a hundred degrees for weeks on end can take a tole on anyone, but it especially takes a tole on your skin and makeup. Make sure you are doing everything you can this summer to keep that skin healthy and that makeup from melting. Click here to learn skin care tips on how to survive this summer's blazing rays and few on how to slay your community water hole, without fear of your face leading you astray.