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5 Makeup Must Haves that Will Fit in Your Clutch

5 Makeup Must Haves that Will Fit in Your Clutch

This is my version of the holy grail of essential beauty products for all of my small clutch carriers. These are the 5 Makeup Must Have Items That Will Fit in Your Clutch. Regardless the occasion, we know full and well that if you're planning on rocking a killer glam look for long hours or expected to flawless endure a number of activities, your touch up strategy is key!

I am sure we have all seen enough YouTube transformations to know it is no easy feat to pack all of your necessary makeup concisely into any small handbag or clutch.

With prom season in full swing I know my little loves are frantically playing Tetris in their purses trying to finesse their entire face and oversized smart phone into this small decorative bag.


Ladies! No more stuffing your bras with miscellaneous junk because you ran out of room in your purse or because your outfit is without pockets. This guide will show you just what products you should be packing and why, as well as, a BONUS for those who are prefer a bigger and better handbag to the small evening out clutch.

The 5 Makeup MUST HAVES That Will Fit In Your Clutch

First and foremost, y'all better be using long wear products designed to withstand the test of time. They are often formulated to be water proof, transfer proof and meant to wear for a full day of activities. These are products are complimentary products to prevent and address problems that could occur throughout the day.

1. Blotting Paper

This handy item will come through for you whenever your face just needs a little dabbing. This product is designed to combat shiny/oily skin and doesn't disturb your makeup. This extremely inexpensive item can be found at both your local drug store or beauty supplier and conveniently fits any size bag.

Recommended Product:  NYX Cosmetics Blotting Paper - $3.99


2. Long wear lipstick or stain

This is hands down the more important product to pack. There's no better way to set off a makeup look than with a bold statement lip. The last thing you need is creamy lipstick teeth, annoying marks on your chin, or worst of all the disappearing lip. I highly recommend investing in a long wear lip product that is hydrating, wont transfer or smudge and dries shortly after applying.

3. Makeup Removing Swabs/Q-Tips

These little magic wands come in handy for all your makeup mishaps. Crack the stick and the cotton swab tip will fill with a gentle makeup removing formula, allowing you the ability to wipe away any mistakes throughout the evening. Don't worry about smeared liner, mascara or lipstick these wands will remove even the strongest long wear formulas.

Recommended Product: Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks - $4.99

4. Eye Shadow Trio with Mirror

Having a great travel size eye shadow palette will help keep your eyes on point at a moments notice. Its not very hard to find an affordable eye shadow trio at your local drug store. They typically come in a small convenient circle pan with three complimentary shades, but what if I told you I know a great 12 shade palette with rich mattes and stunning velvety luster shades that will also fit in your clutch without problem.

Recommended Product: theBalm Cosmetics - Nude Dude Volume 2 Eye Shadow Palette -$36.00

5. Precise brow Pencil and Spooly


This tool gives you the benefits of 3 different uses, a comb for shaping your brows and dual pencil which can be used to fill in the brow using fine hair like strokes or as an natural toned eye liner pencil. Keeping those brows on fleek is nothing but a thing!

Recommended Product: Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil - $24.00

I hope that you found this information helpful in packing your purse for you next special occasion. I'd love to hear from you, share with me in the comments some of your top faves in your clutch or tell me about the strangest item you have your purse right now. I look forward to reading your comments and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to my email list below for more fun articles like these! Also, check me out on social media and remember ALWAYS CARPE SLAY!

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